Friday, 8 April 2011

Comparison test using NiMH cell (Oct. 6 update)

this test, operating continuously for over 1000 hours (approx 1.5 months), so far, provides a reference against which the self-sustaining behaviour of the DIY cell experiments can be compared
a 550 mAh NiMH AAA cell is being used to supply voltage for a looped variant of the SJ1 circuit; component values equivalent to the DIY cell circuits have been selected so that a similar load is presented to the NiMH cell

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compared to the DIY cell, the NiMH cell has a much greater energy capacity and its voltage slope only has a very slight gradient, but the important point is that the trend graph for the DIY cell voltage has a positive slope, whilst the trend graph for the NiMH voltage has a negative slope - ie. on average, the DIY cells are self-charging whilst the NiMH cell is discharging