Saturday, 9 January 2016

Summary, 2015/16...

A quick summary of the state of the 'experiments' listed below:-

Charge Anomaly - i've now learnt that what appeared to be an increase in  total 'charge' stored in a circuit's capacitors, in one of my earliest experiments, is in fact an increase in 'gorge' (as defined by John Denker at - unlike charge & energy, gorge is not conserved and my experiment clearly shows an increase in this quantity within test runs

my DIY cells (those which haven't been cannibalised) are still able to power their circuits; some circuits (eg. digital clocks) have been powered by a more liquid version of the electrolyte in sealed capsules, rather than the original 'gel' version sandwiched between the electrode plates

my spring pendulum worked well for about a year using three DIY cells with liquid electrolyte, but at present the circuit has latched-up pulling down the supply to 0.6V - i think i need to review the circuit and possibly return to the earlier single transistor with transformer version, rather than the 2 transistor driver with inductor

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