Tuesday, 1 November 2011

4 Comparative results (Nov. 13)

the Graphs below show the behaviour of DIY cells #5 & #2 compared to two control experiments: one with a NiMH AAA cell (with medium charge), one with a 'sister' cell to Cell #5 (ie. both cells constructed at the same time and with the same materials & method)

  in each experiment the cells are continuously loaded: Cell #5, cellstack #2 and the NiMH cell both have similar pulsed LED loads, Cell #5b has a constant passive load (6M6R resistor in parallel with 200uF capacitor) with an equivalent power-draw to the Cell #5 experiment

 all graphs use the same
voltage scale for easier comparison; they clearly show that the DIY cells with pulsed loads are gradually increasing in charge whilst in the two control tests the cell voltage is gradually discharging

click on graphs to view full size

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