Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Cell #2 Endurance test (Oct. 7 update)

the graph below shows the cell's on-load terminal voltage and temperature for the latest 5200 hours of operation (ie. seven months, since Mar 5th) 
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the Cell #2 experiment settled into an apparent self-sustaining state approx. 400 hours after construction

the cell-stack (2 cells in series) has been under continuous load by a very low-powered LED flasher circuit since the cell was constructed on Feb 17th (ie. 7.5 months continuous operation, so far)

the trend of the on-load terminal voltage shows a slight increase since the start of the experiment whilst the trend of the ambient temperature has decreased over the same period, showing a net charge effect is occurring on the cell stack

to compare the self-sustaining action of these cells with conventional cell behaviour, see the post "Comparison test using NiMH cell"

since the average terminal voltage has slightly increased whilst the average ambient temperature has decreased, it appears that the self-sustaining behaviour is not directly temperature-related and therefore neither is the system gaining its external energy just from ambient heat

the ambient temperature is approx. 20 degC; the mean on-load terminal voltage of this type #2 cell-stack is approx 1.2V

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